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Holly Mullen

Regional Vice President | AĆ©ropostale, Inc.


Holly Mullen brings over 15 years of experience to her role as regional vice president of the clothing giant Aeropostale, a specialty retailer focused on young adults aged seven to 17 with their two retail incarnations, Aeropostale and PS Aeropostale. Ms. Mullen is responsible for visiting the company’s various storefronts throughout the country and working with the general managers to maintain the corporate direction of their stores. Ms. Mullen is also responsible for overseeing the continuity of the merchandising of all of the stores in her region and liaises between Aeropostale’s allocation and merchandising teams.

Ms. Mullen began her career in the restaurant industry but decided to pursue a career in retail. She began her retail career with Reebok and moved on to J.Crew. Ms. Mullen attributes her successes in her field to her communication skills, her ability to set goals -- both personally and professionally, and her ability to achieve those goals.

Ms. Mullen attended Hill College in Texas. In her spare time, Ms. Mullen enjoys playing golf and exercising, especially running.

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